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Q: What are the Initial Firing Instructions?

The Initial Firing Instructions are very important first step when you take your grill home. CLICK HERE to view the how-to video.

Q: What can I cook on a pellet grill?

A PitmasterQ3 pellet grill allows you to cook a huge variety of foods: meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, pizza (especially pizza!),casseroles, bread, even chocolate chip cookies.

Q: Why should I use pellets?

Pellets impart true wood flavor to your food. This is not a heavy, acrid, smoky taste, but one which derives from guaiacol (gweye-a-kol), the flavor molecules which get released when you burn the lignin present in all wood. Manufacturers produce charcoal briquettes by burning wood into "char" (thus its name), which burns up all the flavor molecules. So briquettes have no natural flavor. Like propane or natural gas, they just provide a heat source. And briquettes contain Borax and limestone and usually get lit with a volatile organic compound. Pellets are all natural- ours contain no additives whatsoever.

Q: Why is my brand new grill not igniting?

Don't worry nothing is wrong with your PitmasterQ3, the hot rod will only stay hot for the first 2 minutes of the initial turn on. It’s designed this way to prolong the life of the hot rod, and sometimes it takes longer for pellets to travel completely through the empty auger. Remove the insides (grates, drip pan, & heat baffle) take a small handful of pellets and place them all around the hot rod insuring contact. Reinstall heat baffle, drip pan, & grates. Close the lid and turn the grill back on or wait and cycle the power off then back on. This will reset the hot rod.

Q: Can I burn food on a pellet grill?

Food usually does not burn on a pellet grill because it cooks with convection rather than direct flame.

Q: How does the Pitmaster Q3 grill work?

An auger feeds pellets to a firebox where a hot rod (igniter) automatically lights them on fire. A sensor inside the cooking cavity reads the temperature several times every second and sends this information to the on-board computer. The controller uses this data to adjust air and pellet flow to maintain the temperature you set.

Q: Can I use fuel pellets in the Pitmaster Q3?

No. Fuel pellets oftentimes are made from scrap woods, which could have paint,stain or other contaminants, which are not healthy for you. We always recommend that you use only Hardwood Barbecue pellets which are considered food grade pellets.

Q: Why won't my grill ignite?

If your grill is plugged into an electrical outlet with a GFI (ground fault interrupter) plug,chances are the hot rod ha s absorbed or been exposed to too much moisture and is leaking to ground causing the plug to trip.

Q: What are Pitmaster Q3 pellets made of and how are they made?

PitmasterQ3 pellets contain only clean, kiln-dried sawdust which never touches the floor. We force sawdust through a die at high temperature and pressure. This melts the lignin in the wood. Lignin is the substance which holds a tree together, and as it exits the die, it cools and holds our pellets together as well.

Q: Why is my grill not keeping a consistent temperature?

Always cook with a water pan inserted into the drip pan. You can buy the water pan at most grocery stores. Also, be sure to vacuum out the fire pot 8-10 hours of use.

Q: Why does my grill shut off on the smoke setting?

Your grill may be going out on smoke setting simple because of a buildup of ash that accumulates in your firepot, we recommend to take a shop vac and clean out your firepot and surrounding areas every 6-8 hours of cook time. This will allow the fire to breath more easily at a low setting.

Q: How do I order a new part for my Pitmaster Q3?

Please contact our customer service team at 316-425-8187 or Email us for all warranty and non-warranty parts.

Q: How do I remove the auger from my Pitmaster Q3?

Step 1: Make sure your grill is unplugged. Remove the 4 small screws holding the thermostat controller; very carefully remove the thermostat housing exposing inner wiring.
Step 2: Remove the 4 screws holding the air vent located just below the pellet hopper box.
Step 3: Locate the small flathead screw found on the front side of grill just behind the auger fan and motor. Using a small snub nose flathead screwdriver or a 7mm wench remove screw.
Step 4: Once auger screw is removed, unplug the auger motor wiring, grip auger and rotate counterclockwise ¼ turn. This will be tough at first but will free the auger from auger housing. While rotating as you are pulling remove the auger.

Q: How do I remove wet pellets from my grill?

You should always keep your grill covered when not in use. Unplug grill, You first will need to remove all the wet pellets from hopper, then you will need to follow the auger removal instructions. With the controller removed, allow time for all electrical components to fully dry. Once the auger is safely removed and components are dry, vacuum out all remaining pellets in the firepot, auger housing , and surrounding areas.

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